6 Great Ideas for Using Your Conservatory in Winter

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It’s a common misconception that a conservatory is purely useful in the spring and summer. Did you know that there are plenty of interesting ways to make the most of your conservatory in winter?

It can be a wonderful space to keep warm and dry while enjoying the winter wonderland your garden transforms into. That is, of course, if we are lucky to see any snow!

Regardless, here are six great conservatory uses during the winter you may not have thought about.


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Care for Your Plants

Once you know the cheapest way to heat a conservatory in winter, there’s nothing to say it can’t be a haven for your sensitive plants. After all, there may be some shrubs, flowers and growths that suffer in the frost.

Why not consider bringing your greens indoors into the warm? This way, they can still get plenty of light from your conservatory while you keep them well-fed.


Create a Family Space

One of the best ways to transform a conservatory space full stop is to make it a family room. Winters are great for cosying up with the family, which is why it makes sense to turn your extension into a communal area you can all relax in.

It’s worth looking for how to warm conservatory in winter if plenty of people are going to use it! This is because they can get draughty and chilly if you don’t insulate them for the best.


Family Space Conservatory


Create a Viewing Space

If you have a big enough garden, you can really transform your conservatory into a viewing platform to enjoy your lawn and flowers from afar.

Not many of us really fancy getting out and doing the weeding when it’s sub-zero outside, so why not use a conservatory as somewhere to enjoy it all in the warm?


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Set Up a Winter Office

Conservatories make great home offices. One of the best ways to really transform your conservatory in winter is to start setting up your own cosy working space.

It might seem a bit counter-intuitive to move closer to the garden if you are going to be working in your space five days a week. However, you are going to need plenty of natural light. What’s more, providing you’ve got rid of the snow on the conservatory roof and you have a workable heating system in place, there’s nothing to say you can’t make it a super-comfy working zone.


Entertainment Conservatory


Cosy Entertaining

Similarly to above, why not think about making your conservatory an extension of your dining room? Winters tend to play host to big meals and entertaining evenings, so it therefore makes sense to set up a conservatory in winter for this very purpose.

You could use a conservatory as a direct add-on for your kitchen or your dining area. Again, combining warmth and views of the garden are great ideas, too.


Set up a Nursery or Playroom

If you need somewhere handy where you can keep an eye on the little ones, but you’re in and out of the kitchen, then setting up a conservatory as a nursery or playroom this winter is a fantastic idea.

This way, you will be able to make sure your kids have somewhere warm and bright to play in, and you won’t have to trundle up and downstairs every five minutes!

Take it from us – winter is a great time to start looking into setting up a flexible conservatory space.


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