How to Decide What to Use Your Conservatory Space For

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A conservatory is something which can not only create plenty of space but which can really transform the look and feel of your home.  What’s more, a great conservatory or orangery can serve a wide range of purposes.  Whether you need more space for your growing family, are interested in building a garden office, or simply want a luxury new space to enjoy the sunshine in, a reputable conservatory company should be more than happy to help bring bespoke extensions to life based on your desires.


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However, before getting started with designing a conservatory, it is always a good idea to have a few ideas in mind concerning use.  How are you going to put your new conservatory space to best use?  Are you going to use it for family purposes?  Is it going to be used constantly throughout the summer, and rarely in winter?  Everyone’s needs and wants are obviously going to be slightly different.  With this in mind,  we encourage you to work closely on ideas with a reputable company far ahead of the design and installation process.

Here are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind when you are considering how to use your new conservatory for the best.


Will You Need Heat?

Yes – most of us are likely to want to use a conservatory space during the warmer months.  However, if you’re even going to be leaving your extension idle through autumn and winter, you’re still going to need to think about heat.

A conservatory space can be great for entertaining and for dining in.  It can help to provide an incredible amount of space and some great views of your garden(s).  It can also allow for natural light to flow in and out of your home without glare.  If you are interested in setting up a conservatory for social or for dining purposes, always make sure you have heaters, or maybe even underfloor heating, installed and ready to go.  This will ensure that you and your guests are cosy all year round.


Garden Offices

There is a rising trend in garden rooms and offices across the UK.  While you may traditionally host an office room or a study within your home, perhaps on the back of a living room or in a separate space upstairs, a conservatory could be the most peaceful and productive zone for you and your work.  Therefore, you are going to need to think about how to make your conservatory a relatively quiet area.

If you’re interested in using an extension of this kind to work in, you’ll need to think about your roof.  Rain on a conservatory roof may sound nice at times, but when you’re trying to work, repetitive weather can be really irritating!  It’s therefore advisable you think about setting up a slate roof.  Slate roofing for conservatories will soften the sound of rain and hail bouncing off the ceiling.  What’s more, it is also a viable option for keeping in the warmth, as well as fighting back against weather.  Some conservatory roofing options allow water to seep through – which can lead to all manner of problems.


Get 3 or more Comparable Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies

Positioning Your Conservatory

One of the main factors likely to impact on how you use your conservatory extension will be where you can position it.  While it’s generally agreed that having an extension facing towards the south will likely get you the most sunlight, setting up a conservatory in this way isn’t always possible.  Therefore, you’re going to need to consider whether or not natural light is important to you.

If you can’t fit a conservatory for your needs on your back garden, you may need to think about fitting it to the front.  However, if this is facing a main road, you may have to think carefully about planning permission.  Also, if you’re looking to build a conservatory for private office or playroom usage, having everything on show to the public probably isn’t the best idea.


Your Conservatory, Your Choice

Here at Orangeries and Conservatories, our focus is on finding you the perfect extension for your needs.  Not sure what you’d like to use a conservatory for?  Think about what your home may be lacking.  Do you need more space for storage, for entertaining, or for dining in?  Will you be able to install your conservatory to the rear, to the front or to the sides?

We recommend gathering quotes from several reputable conservatory companies so you can compare and find the right company for you.


Get 3 or more Comparable Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies