5 Ways to Achieve Success with Your Extension Project

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There are millions of homes and families who could do with a bit of extra space.  Sometimes, when you buy a property, it can seem big enough for your needs!  However, as time goes on, families grow, and things change.  However, it’s not often so easy to just up sticks and move to a different house!  Many of us grow attached to where we live – which is why extensions are still so popular up and down the UK.

A great extension will not only help you stay in the home you love, but it will help to breathe new life into your space, too.  It can add incredible value to your property, and it’ll also mean you have more room to free up elsewhere.  There are lots of positives to fitting an extension – and here are just a few great ways you can help make your project a storming success.


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Think Carefully About the Location

It’s tempting to install an orangery leading in from your kitchen, but where will be best to install one from a practical standpoint?  While it might seem logical to install a conservatory on the back of your kitchen, or leading into your garden, you’ll do well to consider a few natural factors before you get started with the design for your project.

Chances are, you’ll get access to a lovely amount of sunshine and natural light throughout the day.  However, depending on where your extension is facing, you’ll get access to the sun at different times of the day.  For example, if it is facing north, you will likely get full sunshine at the start of your day as well as at the end.  If it’s facing the west, you’ll get lots of sunshine in the afternoon, while it’s the opposite for east-facing extensions – you’ll get more light coming through on a morning.


Budget Carefully

It pays to think carefully about your budget.  Think about the differences between various types of extension.  On the whole, a freshly-built orangery will cost more to install than a conservatory outright.  However, they may be more of a worthy investment, as they can add more value to your property.

In any case, it is always worth reviewing the market and doing your homework.  Reputable companies should always be happy to help you by offering a reliable, fixed quote without obligation. Therefore, you can take our figure and consider how you plan to budget for it before you sign anything.  We understand that orangeries and conservatories are life-changing purchases.  Therefore, you should take all the time that you need to make a decision.


Get 3 or more Comparable Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies

Be Careful with Doors

Extensions can be fitted with a whole host of wonderful door styles and types.  Think about where you want to go from your extension – will you be heading out into the garden?  Are you interested in bringing in something a little different to your average French windows?  Bifold doors and sliding units come in all shapes and styles.

A local conservatory company should be able to show you the best selection of doors and windows available for extensions, conservatories and orangeries alike.  You’ll always be able to make a decision with careful deliberation.


Think About Your Roof

A great extension is going to need a great roof.  You could blend your new extension into the rest of your property with similar style roofing, or you could go all out and design a decorative glass flourish to really cap off your orangery.

With many extensions and installations, the roof can be an amazing focal point.  You’d be surprised to learn just how many different ways you can design a conservatory roof – Why not do some research before getting quotes to see what takes your fancy?


How Are You Going to Use It?

Finally, perhaps the most important point – how is your extension actually going to be used?  This will help to define many different factors during design and construction.  For example, a garden office or room may need less space than a child’s playroom.  However, a playroom is probably going to need more safety features and more family-friendly design.

These are all brilliant points to consider – and with Orangeries and Conservatories at your side, we’ll help you find the perfect extension.


Get 3 or more Comparable Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies