Factors to Consider When Looking for Orangery or Conservatory Companies

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Are you thinking about installing a new conservatory or orangery?  Maybe you’d like to extend your kitchen or to create a garden room or two. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t!  A fantastic conservatory can be a fun and peaceful space for you to unwind and enjoy the sunshine.  You may also use a glass extension for dinner parties an entertaining – the choice is always going to be yours!  However, it is, of course, crucial that you know what to look for when it comes to reputable tradespeople.
When looking for conservatory companies, you should be ready to compare more than just prices.  Cost, of course, will be a major concern for you.  However, here at Conservatories Orangeries, we’re aware that there are many more variables at stake.  How do you know that you’re hiring a reputable company to undertake the work you expect of them?  Where can you turn to if you feel you need more information?

We’re always here to help you compare and contrast between the very best tradespeople and professional companies in your region.  However, there are always going to be a few major factors to bear in mind when you first start your search.  As always, we are here to help you on your way!  Here are a few factors we think you should be keeping in mind before you start comparing or making any big choices.


Get 3 or more Comparable Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies

Look for Guarantees


The idea of a ‘guarantee’ might sound cheesy or even unnecessary to some people, but it’s a huge legal safety net for you.  Conservatory companies will offer guarantees on their work and services when they are confident that you will be completely satisfied with what they do.  A company offering an airtight guarantee will be more likely to get a job done well, and within the timescales and budget you expect of them.

This is because, if they don’t, you have complete freedom to complain.  By publicly listing a guarantee – which is different from a warranty – they are already holding themselves accountable for the work they are about to do.  Companies which don’t offer guarantees of any kind may be harder to track or pin down.  If you can’t see any mention of a guarantee on a company’s website, email them in the first instance to get some reassurance in writing.


Look for Experience

This can go two ways.  Demonstrable experience is always going to be a big plus point.  If a company has plenty of photos of their work in their portfolio, and they can be traced back to them, you know you’re working with someone who knows what they are doing.  After all, you’re going to need your conservatory installed by someone who is not just passionate but is skilled and knowledgeable about their trade.

The issue with experience is, of course, that everyone has to start somewhere.  Just because one company has 18 months of experience in comparison with a company with 25 years’ worth doesn’t mean they are any less competent at what they do.  Look for other evidence of competence.  Ask for proof of qualifications, any previous work they may have done, and always approach a company verbally once you’re confident you’ve found a good match.  Some people may see taking on a company with little experience to be a big risk.  In some cases, it is – but little experience isn’t always going to mean a lack of ability.


Look for Pricing Clarity

Small conservatory

You’re not always going to find conservatory companies who are upfront with pricing on their websites and social media profiles.  The day and age of the flat price list seems to be dwindling a little. That’s because many companies are now offering bespoke quotes and services.  You can now email or call a company directly, and they will quote you for free based on your exact needs.  This is beneficial to you as it means you get access to firm pricing, and it’s beneficial for companies as they can start communicating with you more efficiently.

However, do be wary of companies who aren’t upfront on pricing.  If a conservatory company doesn’t offer you a quote for free, or after further information has been given by you, it’s time to start looking elsewhere.  A huge red flag in this industry is a lack of committal to a price.  We compare rates and companies with clarity offered as an absolute priority.  Even if you are desperate to find a local conservatory installer, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you hire a firm which is still umming and aahing over Conservatory costs after an initial consultation.


Get 3 or more Comparable Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies

Look for Reviews

This, we think, is one of the most important points you should bear in mind.  Word of mouth has never been more powerful thanks to social media and search engine reviews.  Conservatory companies are now publicly answerable to everyone who uses their services.  It should be relatively easy for you to find reviews online, but what might not be so simple is finding a clear consensus.

You’re going to need to take reviews with a pinch of salt.  One of the best actions to take is to compare how many negative reviews a company may have alongside positive ones.  If their feedback is overwhelmingly positive, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable firm.  If feedback looks shaky, probe into the review content.  See if there is anything that flags up to you.  Keep in mind what you find important when looking for a conservatory installer, and if it seems as though a company might not be a good fit, it’s time to keep looking.


Start Comparing

We recommend you find local companies, get at least 3 online conservatory quotes, or have local experts visit you to give a free quote, and then compare your options before making a decision.


Get 3 or more Comparable Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies