Orangery Designs for Bungalows – What You Need to Know

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Ever thought about adding a bit more room or space to your bungalow? While bungalows are super convenient in lots of ways, you may sometimes find that you’d like a little bit more room to move about in. What’s more, an extension could really add value to your property, in more ways than one. Have you thought about looking into orangery designs for bungalows?

If so, great – we’re on the same page. However, before you even start thinking about getting the best orangery for bungalows, there are going to be a few factors you’ll need to keep in mind. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what you need to know and prepare for before you set up an orangery for your property.


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What is the Cost of Orangeries for Bungalows?

Orangeries for bungalows prices can vary, but on the whole, you may expect to pay less for an extension on this type of property than on any other. A lot of that, as you can imagine, is down to the size and shape of your building! Therefore, while you might end up pricing quite high on something such as a large, detached house, you might not expect to pay as much on adding an orangery to a bungalow.

Generally, a good ballpark figure to keep in mind will be at least £20,000. However, you must keep an open mind regarding costs that may add to this. This guide price is probably the absolute lowest you can expect for an orangery of at least 4m wide and at least 3m projecting.

Of course, you can invest in orangery designs for bungalows which are much larger – and for the truly sizable fits, you’re looking at up to £80,000 or possibly more.

Every case is likely to be slightly different. What’s more, orangery designs for bungalows may vary in terms of scope and pricing from company to company. That’s why it’s always a good idea to look for at least three different quotes from three different companies.

You should also keep in mind that factors such as sizing, and materials will add to and change the cost of your orangery for your bungalow.


orangery designs for bungalows


What About Planning Permission?

Putting an orangery on a bungalow is going to incur the same planning permission demands, normally, as any other property. Just because your home is smaller than the average doesn’t mean you can just pop an orangery on the side and be done with it!

Bungalows are a little bit different when it comes to other property types and extension demands. For example, the general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t install an orangery that’s wider than around half of your property – if you are setting it up to the side. It also shouldn’t be taller than your bungalow, either, and you’re going to need to make sure that it doesn’t extend beyond the length of your property sidewall.

So yes – there are things you are going to need to plan for, even if you are looking into a small orangery for bungalows! However, it’s always worth, again, keeping an open mind – and the best orangery installers will let you know what you can expect from this side of things, and of course everything else you can expect along the way.


Planning permission for a bungalow orangery being granted


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What About Materials?

The materials you can consider when looking for modern orangeries for bungalows will be more or less the same as you’d expect with other properties. Of course, the overall aesthetics are likely to be different to those you’d get with bigger or taller homes, so you’re going to need to talk through the looks and fits as best you can with your chosen installer.

For example, uPVC is a great, durable choice if you are sticking to a firm budget but want to still retain a classic look that’s going to weather the years to come. Timber, however, tends to be a very popular option as it is seen as more luxurious and stylish. That said, wooden orangeries are going to need a little more in the way of upkeep and are of course likely to cost you more money than your average uPVC fit at the point of sale.


Bungalow Conservatory Interior


Is It Worth Putting an Orangery on a Bungalow?

Yes! If you have the space for it, the planning permission and room in your budget, then you should absolutely consider extending your bungalow. Just because you live in a smaller property doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit more to it every now and again.

However, as mentioned, there are plenty of things you should be keeping in mind when pricing up for and planning around orangery designs for bungalows. That’s why it’s important to keep a few companies and specialists in mind when it comes to reaching out for quotes.

Who knows – you could be looking at starting 2021 with a fantastic new orangery for your bungalow, and sooner than you might think!


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