Conservatory Costs

There are many aspects which can affect conservatory prices, including the size, material used, style and whether installation is needed or not.
If you are thinking of adding a glass extension to your home or business, and are wondering what the average cost of a conservatory is, this guide should give you a rough idea.

How Much Does a uPVC Conservatory Cost?

Much like with an orangery, uPVC provides a cheaper alternative to other materials such as wood, while still providing your home with a stunning feature. This material proves the most popular amongst property owners, as it’s simple but attractive design makes for an aesthetically pleasing and practical extension.

Small (up to 4m x 4m) –

A conservatory of this size made from uPVC Frames is likely to start from £5,000, but this will depend on the exact size and style you opt for.

Medium (4m x 4m – 8m x 8m) –

The average cost of a conservatory of this size starts at £14,000 – £15,000. This is likely to be for a basic Lean To style, meaning the more complex designs are likely to have a higher price.

Large (8m x 8m or larger) –

If you are looking for a larger space, you may wish to opt for a large sized extension. For a conservatory of this size, you are looking at a min of around £27,000, which could rise to well over £30,000 depending on size and style.

How Much Does a Wooden Conservatory Cost?

Wooden framed conservatories are also a common choice for homes, as they provide a more traditional looking extension. More traditional conservatory styles that suit wooden frames include Edwardian and Victorian. The cost of the material for a wooden conservatory usually makes it a more expensive option.

Small (up to 4m x 4m) –

A conservatory of this size can add a bit of extra space, and can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your home. For an extension of this size, the cost is likely to start at approximately £12,000.

Medium (4m x 4m – 8m x 8m) –

The average cost of a conservatory of this material and size is likely to start at around £15,000. With complex design choices and added features, this could rise to over £20,000.

Large (8m x 8m or larger) –

A conservatory of this size will provide you with a huge amount of added space to your home, giving you the extra living space you may be after. The basic styles of wooden conservatories are likely to start from £30,000, but more unique designs could be up to £100,000.

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