Cost of an Orangery

You may have an orangery design in mind for your home, but how much does an orangery cost?
Although it varies depending on the size, style and material you opt for, the average cost of an orangery is likely to be approximately £15,000 – £25,000.

How Much Does a uPVC Orangery Cost?

A uPVC glass extension will no doubt cost you less than other materials such as wood, which is why the cost should be below average, but how much roughly will it cost? The price will very much depend on the size you opt for, so here is a rough guide based on size:

Small (up to 4m x 4m) –

If you are only wanting a small sized extension added to your property, prices will often start at £5000 – £6000. This will be for a basic design, however if you are looking for a particular style the price is likely to be higher.

Medium (4m x 4m – 6m x 6m) –

For an orangery within this size range, the approximate starting price will be around £8,000. Again, this could be considerably higher depending on the style you opt for and how complex the design and roof.

Large (7m x 7m or larger) –

The cost of an orangery which is 7m x 7m or larger is likely to start from £12,000, but could end up costing you well over average depending on how big you want your extension to be and which design you opt for.

How Much Does a Wooden Orangery Cost?

Due to the cost of material, a quality hardwood orangery will typically cost you more than uPVC (based on the same size and style).

Small (up to 4m x 4m) –

For a small orangery that is 4m x 4m or smaller, it is likely that prices will start at approximately £5000. However, this will be for a very basic design and prices could be up to £18,000 depending on the style you opt for.

Medium (4m x 4m – 6m x 6m) –

If you think under 4m x 4m may not be enough space for you, you could opt for a medium sized orangery which ranges from 4m x 4m to 6m x 6m. A glass extension of this size would cost you between £12,000 and £30,000 – again depending on which options you choose.

Large (7m x 7m or larger) –

Could you benefit more from a large extension? The cost of an orangery of this scale is likely to start at around £18,000, but depending on size and style could cost you up to £100,000.


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