Design Considerations

Deciding between an orangery or a conservatory can be a huge decision, but this is just the first of the many considerations you will need to take into account before getting your extension fitted. Other things you should consider include:

The style of Orangery / Conservatory

As mentioned in the ‘Orangery and Conservatory Designs’ section of our knowledge zone, there are many different styles you can opt for. Some of the styles include Edwardian, Victorian, Lean To and Gable Fronted – each of which have unique shapes, styles and different roof designs.

The size of the extension

You will need to have accurate dimensions of how big your orangery or conservatory will need to be before you begin the process of getting one installed. It isn’t uncommon for people to misjudge the size of their extension due to not measuring accurately, or even just estimating the size! This could cause complications during the fitting process, as the extension might not even fit in the space you have.

Where will your Orangery/Conservatory be placed?

The placement of your glass extension is not only about where it would look the best, but you should also consider the practicality of the location and the amount of sunlight which will reach it. It would be beneficial to choose a location with optimal sunlight penetration, as this is one of the main benefits of opting for an orangery/conservatory over a traditional extension.

How will it be used?

Before making the final decision as to the extension you want, you should consider what purpose you want it to serve. There are many different ways you could use your orangery or conservatory – including as a kitchen extension, living room, or even a games room. Alternatively, you could just be looking for an additional space which connects your home to your garden.

Is it important to you that your extension matches your property?

No matter what style your home is, whether traditional or contemporary, there are options to match your orangery/conservatory to your property. For example, for a modern home you could opt for a Lean To conservatory; or for a traditional home you may prefer a Edwardian, Victorian or Gable Fronted conservatory. No matter what style of conservatory you decide upon, there are usually options to match the brickwork on the extension to the existing brickwork on your home.

Get a quote from trusted tradespeople

After considering all of the previously mentioned points, the next step would be to get quotes from reputable companies and discuss your requirements further with them. We can help you do this, by filling in our online quotation form, you can be provided with several quotes from different companies who can offer the product you require.