Planning Permission

Orangeries and conservatories are a great way to extend your home, as there is usually not a need for any sort of planning permission. You need to be careful when choosing a glass extension, however, as you must meet the following regulations in order to be free from conservatory planning permission:

 1. The size of your orangery / conservatory

When adding an orangery or conservatory to your home, you must ensure that it is no more than half the size of your property. In addition to this, the width of the extension must be less than the property. If you exceed these measurements, you may need planning permission for a conservatory to be built.


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2. Whether there is a public highway surrounding your home

You must not have an extension on the front or side of your house which is closer to a public highway that your existing property, otherwise you will require conservatory/ orangery planning permission. This includes any public right of way, even small footpaths.


3. The height of the extension’s roof

When deciding on an orangery or conservatory for your home, you must consider that the height of the roof on your extension can not be higher than the roof of your home.


4. How much the orangeries / conservatory extends out

The orangery or conservatory you have added to your property must not extend more than three metres on an attached house, or more than four metres on a detached house. Wanting to add a conservatory which extends further than this? You will need to be granted planning permission for a conservatory bigger than the given amount.


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5. The height of the extension

For side and rear orangeries and conservatories, it is a requirement that the height of the extension is a maximum of four metres high. Any higher than this and you will require conservatory planning permission in order to proceed with building the extension.


6. Additional features

You will not be permitted to have verandas, balconies and/or raised platforms on your extension without orangery planning permission.


Still unsure? Find out all the details before building an extension

The requirements mentioned above are all essential for building an extension without the need for orangery/ conservatory planning permission, however there may be more specific requirements which have not been mentioned. As rules and regulations change from time to time, it’s always best to get up to date information on whether you will need conservatory/ orangery planning permission for your extension from the Government


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