What’s the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

Both orangeries and conservatories can provide a modern looking extension to any property, offering more space and a connection from your home to your garden. They both have their benefits, but many people don’t fully understand the differences between the two – which is why we have created this guide to help you out. So, what’s the difference between an orangery and a conservatory; and which is best for your property – an orangery or conservatory?

Conservatories – What are they and what are the benefits?

The main defining feature of a conservatory is the fact that it has an all glass roof and a high percentage of glass around the structure’s sides. Typically, an extension with at least 75% of the roof being glass, as well as glass covering at least 50% of the overall wall area, is classed as a conservatory.


  • The high proportion of glass allows for optimum light penetration. This will not only
    make your extension look larger, it will also penetrate into your home, making your
    surrounding rooms much lighter.
  • A conservatory connects your home to the outdoors by allowing a subtle transition
    from your kitchen, dining room or living room to your garden.
    They add extra living space to your home, extending your property and enhancing
    your day to day lives.
  • An extension such as a conservatory adds value to your home, due to all the previous
    benefits which are likely to be popular amongst home buyers.

Orangeries – What are they and what are the benefits?

Unlike conservatories, orangeries are typically constructed from less than 50% glass, with the main percentage of the overall structure being constructed from brick corner pillars. The glass roof features a solid roof round the edge, with just a small section of glass (known as a roof lantern) in the centre. The large windows allow for light penetration, but the overall solid structure much closely resembles a traditional home extension. In case you are unsure whether to opt for an orangery or conservatory, below are the main benefits of an orangery for comparison.


  • Many people opt for an orangery for their home as it is an affordable way to add a
    solid extension to your home.
  • Although not as much as a conservatory, an orangery still allows for light penetration
    into your home, giving the rooms around the extension much more natural light.
  • You can have your orangery blend in with your existing brickwork, again resembling a traditional home extension.
  • Much like a conservatory, an orangery will add value to your home and will be appealing to potential buyers.

Think you could benefit from an orangery or conservatory? If you are interested in adding a contemporary orangery or conservatory to your property, and would like us to provide you with a quote from several companies so you can compare your options, fill out our online quotation form and let us do the rest!