Edwardian Conservatory Prices

Conservatories, as you probably already know, come in all kinds of sizes, styles, and shapes. Edwardian style conservatory choices tend to be amongst the most popular, even in the modern age. However, thankfully, you’ll still benefit from all the modern conveniences of contemporary designs, just with a few Edwardian flourishes thrown in! It’s more than reasonable to start looking into Edwardian conservatory prices, especially if it is your first time getting any kind of extension or orangery set up.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from the average Edwardian conservatory cost. We’ll also consider what you can expect from an Edwardian roof, as well as whether or not a double hipped Edwardian conservatory – for example – is likely to fit the bill for you! As always, do make a point of comparing conservatory prices before you put any money down with an installer in the local region!


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What is an Edwardian Conservatory?

An Edwardian conservatory is one which follows on from the Victorian looks which are still very popular in the modern age. Surprisingly, Edwardian style does away with much of the ornate touches and extra flourishing, meaning these conservatories tend to be fairly straightforward in design.

One of the biggest reasons for people opting for an Edwardian roof or for a full conservatory in this style is as a result of pricing. The average Edwardian conservatory cost tends to be very competitive on the whole. This, as you can imagine, is largely as a result of the look and build generally being very simple.

If you’re unsure whether or not an Edwardian conservatory with tiled roof or otherwise is right for you, take a look at a few examples online. It’s always a good idea to reach out to conservatory suppliers, too, to take a look at their portfolios. Naturally, the best Edwardian looks are going to be bespoke to your needs and tastes, meaning there’s no need to fall in with the pack unless you really want to!


Edwardian Conservatory inside


Get 3 or more Comparable Edwardian Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies

What Can I Expect From an Edwardian Conservatory?

As mentioned, Edwardian styles tended to move away from some of the ‘fancier’ looks and flourishes that come packaged with anything branded ‘Victorian’. You’ll generally find that an Edwardian conservatory is very straightforward right down to its base, which is normally a basic square or even a rectangle.

An Edwardian conservatory roof is also likely to be free from many of the added pizzazz and touches that arrive with a Victorian model. This is by no means a bad thing! These conservatories are, after all, designed to offer maximum visibility. That’s why so many people choose an Edwardian look coupled with glass or polycarbonate roofing instead of tiling – so they get a better view!

It’s a generalisation that Edwardian conservatory prices are always going to be lower than what you’d expect to pay for other styles. After all, there are plenty of features and factors which go into your ideal build which could change the price you pay.

Roof pitching on these conservatories tends to be fairly even, with three or four sides and a gentle flourish in the middle. This is likely to be the sole ‘decoration’ in these types of conservatory – so don’t be alarmed if you’re expecting something a little more ornate!

These conservatories are very flexible and are therefore ideal if you have a few bespoke ideas in mind or want to mix up some of the best features of other conservatory options. For example, as always, you can choose between uPVC, timber, or aluminium, and they won’t spoil the look. What’s more, as stated, you can also choose to set up tile, slate, or glass for the roofing. Tile and slate will insulate better, but what about that wonderful view?


How Much Does an Edwardian Conservatory Cost?

On the whole, Edwardian conservatory prices will vary from upwards of £10,000, but it again depends on what you’re looking for in terms of sizing, additional features, labour required, and more besides. The representative cost of £10,000 here, for example, is for a basic 3×3 model. In some cases, you may expect to pay as much as £24,000 to £25,000 for a top grade Edwardian conservatory.

Instead of getting confused by Edwardian conservatory prices on the wider market, why not take a closer look at comparing rates between leading suppliers online? We recommend getting three quotes from reputable conservatory specialists in your region.

Edwardian conservatories are superb choices for homes and homeowners looking for elegance without masses of decoration. Why not start comparing a few prices online?


Get 3 or more Comparable Edwardian Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies