Victorian Conservatory

Are you considering setting up a Victorian conservatory for your home? Maybe you’re not sure what a typical Victorian installation looks like! Or you could be hunting around for the best Victorian conservatories prices and might be coming up short.

Before you start worrying about Victorian conservatory prices, it’s well worth considering whether or not this style is right for you. Often seen as the ‘classic’ standard as far as conservatories are concerned, modern Victorian fittings can bring together all the mod cons and creature comforts you’d otherwise demand.

So – before you start looking for the perfect Victorian conservatory for sale, let’s take you through exactly what you can expect from this popular home installation.


What are Victorian Conservatories?

If you’ve ever seen a ‘sun room’ before, then there is a good chance you will have seen a Victorian conservatory. These extension and outbuilding installations tend to offer lots of little flourishes and intricate designs, making them very popular with homeowners who want to add more than a little flair to their external home design and garden look.

As the name suggests, these conservatories tend to gain inspiration from design trends set during the Victorian era. Thankfully, modern conservatory installers are able to couple classic designs with modern fittings and features, meaning you won’t ever miss out on leading insulation or glazing choices!

Victorian conservatories tend to be fairly round or circular. Of course, this isn’t always the case. These conservatory installations will need plenty of space due to their wide surface area and floor plan, meaning depending on where you set it up, you may have to request planning permission.


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Victorian Conservatories simple design

What are Some of the Main Features of a Victorian Conservatory?

When looking for a Victorian lean to conservatory, or just looking around for the best Victorian conservatory prices, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with some of the more common features and facets of this type of fit.

  • Victorian conservatories will generally benefit from facets. These are sides to your conservatory which panel across, give the rounded shape square edges.
  • These conservatories tend to have high roofs and walls, though you can fit them with dwarf walls (at a heightened cost).
  • You’ll generally find that tempered glass and polycarbonate roofs are the standard with Victorian conservatories.
  • However, these installations tend to be amongst the most secure, as you will always find individual locks and thresholds for your ease of access.
  • Brickwork tends to be a common feature across many Victorian conservatories. However, this does not always have to be the case!
  • Victorian conservatories tend to be very flexible and are easy to set up with bespoke designs. Of course, the cost of your conservatory may change depending on the scale and complexity of your project, so do make sure to do some research and compare costs.
  • You can choose several foundation options for your conservatory, too. Many people opt for concrete rafting, as this tends to give you maximum stability and protection against flooding



Get 3 or more Comparable Victorian Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies

Things to Consider

When it comes to considering Victorian conservatories prices, there are plenty of different factors you are going to need to balance and keep in mind. This is not only for the cost factor, but also for your own practicality and aesthetic.

  • Victorian conservatories are flexibly fitted with various types of roofing. As mentioned, you’ll likely find that polycarbonate roofing is the norm, though you can choose full glazing if you prefer. Tiled roofing, too, is popular, thanks to the insulating properties. However, this can often be quite expensive, and you’ll lose a fair amount of light.
  • As with any conservatory choice, do consider material. uPVC tends to be a great value option, but it may not always give you the aesthetic you’re looking for. Timber and aluminium are the more premium choices here, but again, do be ready to price up a little extra.
  • Victorian conservatory installations tend to be fairly round and wide. Therefore, make sure you have enough space! Do also consider whether or not you’re going to need planning permission before work gets underway.


How Much Do Victorian Conservatories Cost?

As mentioned in our complete guide to conservatory prices, Victorian conservatories’ prices will vary depending on size, materials, labour and more. The fact is, there are many features and choices which can and will impact on the price you pay in the long run. That’s why it is so important to compare and contrast rates with local suppliers and installers!

If you’d like to know more about the cost of a Victorian style conservatory, whether lean-to or otherwise, we recommend speaking to consultants from at least three local conservatory designers and fitters. Start comparing now!


Get 3 or more Comparable Victorian Conservatory Quotes from Trusted Local Companies