Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory Blinds and Shades

You’ve got that gorgeous conservatory, a beacon of light and nature in your home. But how do you control that light? How do you make it cosy in winter or shaded in summer?

Let’s unravel this essential and transformative accessory!

Why Choice Matters

Your conservatory is unique, so why go generic with blinds?

  • Sun’s Intensity: Midsummer midday or a cosy winter afternoon, your shades dictate the mood.
  • Privacy: Sometimes, you want that conservatory to be your little secret haven.
  • Thermal Efficiency: It isn’t just about light; it’s about warmth too!

Standard Styles and Sizes

  • Pleated Blinds: Folded fabric, perfect for roof and sides. They’re versatile and can fit into various window sizes.
  • Roller Blinds: Smooth, easy, and contemporary. Great for side windows and available in myriad patterns and colours.
  • Roman Blinds: They fold up in sections, adding a touch of classic elegance.
  • Vertical Blinds: Swaying gently, these offer a blend of light and privacy control.

Design and Functionality Considerations

  • Material Matters:
    • Solar Reflective: Bounce back that intense sunlight.
    • Thermal: Keep warm in winter and cool in summer.
    • Blackout: For those moments when you want absolute shade.
  • Remote vs. Manual Control: Some blinds and shades come with the luxury of remote-controlled operations.
  • Colours & Patterns:
    • Neutral: Think beiges, creams, and whites for a serene touch.
    • Bold: Go vibrant with blues, greens, or even patterned designs.

Customisation and Personal Touches

It’s not just about the blind but how you make it “yours.” Tassels, trims, or even matching it with your conservatory furniture can make all the difference.


Blinds and shades don’t just serve a functional role in your conservatory; they’re the canvas upon which you paint the mood of your space. Choose with care, style with flair, and enjoy every sun-soaked or shaded moment in your conservatory.

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