Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Ah, the garden! Nature’s living room. But what turns a patch of grass into a summer BBQ hotspot, or a tranquil morning coffee retreat? The answer: the right garden furniture. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the pieces that turn gardens into paradises.

Why Size Matters

Choosing furniture for your garden is like playing real-life Tetris:

  • Space-Saver or Space-Filler: Do you need compact seating for your balcony or a full-fledged patio set for the lawn?
  • Mobility: Planning on shifting your furniture around based on the sun’s position or for different events?
  • Scaling: It’s essential the furniture neither overwhelms nor gets lost in the vastness or compactness of the space.

Standard Furniture Sizes

  • Petite Pieces: Ideal for balconies or smaller patios. Think bistro sets or stackable chairs.
  • Mid-Range Marvels (up to 150×90 cm): Your general garden heroes. From four-seater tables to medium-sized loungers.
  • Lavish Loungers (160 cm and beyond): The grand entertainers. Large dining sets, sofas, or even daybeds for those luxurious sunbathing sessions.

Design Considerations

  • Style & Aesthetics:
    • Classic: Wrought iron sets or teakwood tables.
    • Modern: Sleek lines, metals, or even glass tops.
    • Bohemian: Rattan or wicker wonders, often paired with vibrant cushions.
  • Functionality:
    • Fixed vs. Foldable: Are they permanent fixtures or stored during winter?
    • Extendable tables: For those surprise guests.
  • Materials & Durability:
    • Wood: Timeless, but requires maintenance to weatherproof.
    • Metal: Sturdy, but ensure it’s rust-resistant.
    • Rattan or Wicker: Lightweight, often weather-resistant.

Customisation and Personal Touches

Make it personal! Add cushions in zesty summer colours, or hang fairy lights around your seating area. Maybe a hammock in the corner? Your garden, your rules!


Garden furniture isn’t just about sitting or dining; it’s about creating memories under the open sky. Make your choices wisely, ensuring they complement your space and lifestyle.

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