Furniture Choices

Furniture Choices

Home Furniture Choices


Stepping into the world of home furniture? From a plush sofa that invites you in, to a dining table that brings families together, furniture isn’t just about filling space—it’s about creating experiences. But with so many options, how does one make the right pick? Let’s dive in!

Why Size Matters

It’s not just about the room but the rhythm of your home:

  • Fitting vs. Crowding: That king-sized bed might be luxurious but is there enough space to dance around it in your pyjamas?
  • Practicality: A vast bookshelf is a dream, but have you got the books to fill it or will it just gather dust?
  • Versatility: Consider furniture that grows with you. Think extendable tables or modular sofas.

Standard Furniture Sizes

  • Compact Choices (up to 90×60 cm): Perfect for studio apartments or smaller rooms. Think nested tables, petite chairs, or slender shelves.
  • Medium Furniture (up to 180×120 cm): The middle ground. Comfortable sofas, four-seater dining tables, or a decent-sized wardrobe fall here.
  • Grand Designs (200 cm and beyond): Statement pieces for spacious homes. Grand bookcases, luxurious loungers, or extended dining tables reside here.

Design Considerations

  • Style & Aesthetics:
    • Vintage: Timeless pieces that transport you back.
    • Modern: Sleek lines and minimalist charm.
    • Rustic: Earthy, rugged, with a touch of the countryside.
  • Functionality:
    • Drawers, shelves, or hidden storage? How can your furniture serve dual purposes?
  • Materials Used:
    • Wood: Timeless, warm, and versatile.
    • Metal: Industrial chic, sturdy, and often modern.
    • Glass: Elegant, often paired with metal or wood for tables or cabinets.
    • Fabric or Leather: Comes into play for upholstered items like sofas or armchairs.

Customisation and Personal Touches

It’s your home, let it echo your personality. Maybe it’s a flamboyant fabric for your sofa or an eccentric handle for your drawer. Experiment and express!


Picking the right furniture is akin to choosing the right outfit – it needs to fit, function, and flaunt. Reflect on your needs, measure your space, and then, let your heart pick what resonates.

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