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      If you are looking for an extension which allows for optimum light penetration – buying a conservatory could be the ideal option for you. Available in a wide range of styles, including Victorian; Edwardian; Lean To and Gable Fronted, conservatories can give a traditional or modern look to your property. The cost of a conservatory varies depending on design choices.

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      An orangery is ideal for if you are wanting to let in light, but also install an extension which looks like part of your existing property. The brickwork can be matched up to your home, meaning you can continue the same style throughout. The cost of an orangery will vary depending on the size, style and material you opt for.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The main difference between an orangery and a conservatory is their purpose. An Orangerie (or wintergarten) was originally built as part of the house for storing fruit, vegetables, flowers and other plants during colder months when they were not being grown outdoors in warmer seasons; while Conservatories on the other hand are more often found outside rather than inside because it provides them with sunlight from dawn until dusk which helps regulate temperature levels inside unlike traditional darkness provided by Artificial Light sources such us candles/heaters etc.
      It is often asked if an orangery warmers are better than conservatory. The answer to this question depends on what you want your home's living space for, as there can be many differing opinions about which type of building material would work best in a particular situation.
      A lot will depend upon where the room is located within its overall structure and how much natural light gets through from windows nearby or higher up near sky- levels - so it really pays off when looking into these things before deciding anything further!
      Planning permission is not required for an orangery. The space can be used as long it attains the correct criteria and 13 m2 of floor area per person (or 50 square meters).
      The cost of an orangery in the UK can vary depending on a number factors such as size and design.
      A good rule-of thumb would be £10k -£20K for most build types but this will depend largely upon what you want out your new project!
      Would you believe that the answer is yes! The cost of building your own or converting a barn can actually work out surprisingly well. This might seem like surprising news considering we are used to seeing such conversions come at huge prices but bear with me here as I go over what makes this option more attractive.
      No, most conservatory designs do not require planning permission. However if you want a more traditional English style greenhouse or have plans for an extension on your property then it is best to check with local authorities before starting any work as they may need confirmation that there isn't already someone living in the area who could object!
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