How Much Does an Orangery Cost, and Is It Worth the Investment?

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Orangeries are hugely popular with modern homeowners. They can add a ton of value to your property! What’s more, with their flat roofs as well as their seamless contemporary designs, you’re going to find it really easy to blend this new type of brick, uPVC, or hardwood extension into your existing home façade. But how much does an orangery cost? And is it actually worth it?

Naturally, orangery costs are likely to be on your mind if you are just starting to weigh up the pros and cons. Allow us to help ease your worries and to take you through what you can expect from the cost of an orangery, in general.

Things to Keep in Mind

First of all, it’s worth keeping an open mind. That’s because orangery costs can and will vary from project to project. Features and factors such as the material used, the size of your prospective orangery, and how much time and labour will be needed to get it up and running, can always impact the price you pay.

That’s why we always encourage you to look for at least three different quotes from three separate orangery providers. This way, you will be able to take away a cross-section of pricing that’s fair and averaged, and which will also take into account differentials such as distance, quality of manufacture, and more.

However, let’s actually drill down into the very basics of orangery costs, and what you should be budgeting for before any frills and added bits and pieces.


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So – How Much Does an Orangery Cost Overall?

The average figure for the cost of an orangery in the UK is normally between £15,000 and £25,000.

However, as mentioned, there are a few factors and features which can impact on this cost, and which will likely change how much you have to pay by the end of the project.

As you might expect, a smaller orangery is going to cost less than a huge extension. Depending on the size of your property, you may even be looking at prices as low as £5,000 for the whole project. Generally, you won’t get any of the added bells and whistles for this price. ‘Small’ as far as orangeries are concerned accounts for around 4m x 4m in size.

Large orangeries, however, are those which are normally at least 7m x 7m. They can get bigger and bigger – and of course, the costs will increase. You’re likely to be looking at fees of around £12,000 to £15,000, at least, for anything in this size.

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What’s the Cheapest Orangery Material?

You’ll probably find the cheapest orangeries are built from uPVC or brick. However, this doesn’t always follow!

Wood tends to be the most expensive choice out of all material available. That’s because hardwood offers a luxurious look and finish that really comes off well! However, consider the prices listed above, and be ready to multiply them.

A really sizeable orangery built in hardwood could cost you as much as £100,000! Even a 4×4 could cost you somewhere in the region of £15,000, so it is well worth considering your options, your needs, your budget, and – of course – the company you sign up with.


Bungalow Orangery Exterior View


Is an Orangery Worth the Cost?

Yes! Orangeries can add a huge amount of value to your home, and not just from a financial perspective. A well-built orangery can make for a brilliant office, lounge extension, playroom or otherwise. It’s an extension option which can be extraordinarily flexible if you want it to be.

Orangeries are worth the cost if you know you are receiving an extension designed and built by genuine experts. That’s why we recommend doing research into the companies you’re getting quotes from, and getting quotes from reliable companies with good reviews and reputation.

We also want to assure you that the companies we work with offer fair orangery costs regardless of size, material, or any other factor in the bill. It’s important that we deliver value to you as a middleman!


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