5 Modern Orangery Design Types

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Setting up an orangery or a conservatory for the first time can be very exciting! However, it’s always worth remembering that no two modern Orangery designs are ever going to be the same. You can set up a modern orangery or conservatory to your own tastes and design ideals. Or, you can opt to borrow a few ideas from existing standards to refashion as you wish. Ultimately, the best modern conservatory ideas are those which are completely unique, and which make the most of a number of different looks and styles.

Here at Conservatories Orangeries, we make sure to work closely with our clients and customers to make sure that they always get the best-looking extensions for their money. With this in mind, we are always on hand to show off previous projects and stunning concepts and ideas which we feel will always go down well.

Customer tastes are always different, as are yours! However, here are just a few brilliant modern ideas we think will inspire you to take your orangery or conservatory to the next level. It’s always healthy to take inspiration!

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Modern Orangery Designs Victorian

Of all modern conservatory designs, the Victorian look is probably amongst the most popular. Therefore, you may well have seen extensions built in this style before. While the emphasis in a Victorian design falls largely on the size and width of the windows involved, these orangery designs don’t shy away from adding in a few ornate touches here and there. What else would you expect from this particular period?

Victorian style orangeries and conservatories are seen to be more ‘traditional’ than most. While the name may suggest that they fit classical homes better, many modern properties have opted for Victorian style conservatory installations. These designs are generally bolstered by a large bay window, and are amongst some of the most versatile modern solutions available.


Lean-To Designs

A lean-to conservatory or orangery is a popular choice for many homes. They are marked by their somewhat square designs, though they can also be rectangular, and they are generally found to the rear of a property. They are marked by their trademark sloping roofs, and for their simplicity in design. Of all the popular styles offered, a lean-to is probably as close as you are likely to get to a stereotypical ‘modern’ design.
A lean-to conservatory or orangery is very sleek, very streamlined and polished. It’s very much a recommended option if you are keen to maximise space as part of your extension project. You are able to vary some of the fittings and standards to a wide extent. For example, you may be able to change the angle on the sloping roof, or you may choose to set up specialist glazing or panels. As always, we will be here to help you find the perfect design.


Elizabethan Designs

As the name might suggest, these orangeries are inspired by the architecture and standards of the time, which of course means that you can expect some ornate touches along the way. These orangeries and conservatories can be very striking. They are preferred by people who love their extensions to really stand out. Again, the name of this style of conservatory will make some people think that only classical or traditional properties can stand to benefit. However, these systems are often amongst the most contemporary or modernised.

An Elizabethan orangery may have a few ornate flourishes here and there. However, this design is otherwise preferred by people who like their conservatories to be uncomplicated, while making a statement. If this sounds like the type of extension you’d love to set up for your home, we’ll only be too happy to explore your options with you.


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Edwardian Designs

Again, this is another type of orangery style which is named after a classical period! In some ways, that’s quite unfair, as an Edwardian conservatory is very modern in its approach, opting for basic symmetry and a focus on extensive space. If you are building an extension mainly for the storage or the added elbow room, an Edwardian orangery is probably going to be one of your better choices.

Edwardian orangeries are amongst some of the most popular modern conservatory designs as they are bold, uncompromising, yet refreshingly simple. You’ll largely find them to be mainly rectangular, but they are much more spacious than some of the other styles and options available, or explored on this list. In any case, don’t let the name put you off – an Edwardian orangery very much belongs in the modern age, and we can show you how!


Gable Front Designs

A gable-fronted orangery is one which maximises space as well as natural light. To many people, these extension designs may appear the most grandiose or reaching, but that’s always a good thing. These systems really reach for the sky with roofs that are high-pitched, offering you as much space within the walls as possible.

Other great orangery ideas include a  roof lantern for even more natural light or bi-folding doors.

This design of orangery or conservatory has been popular for some time across classical or period homes. However, it’s not surprising to see this style adapted to more modern ends. It’s popular with modern homeowners because the style and grandiosity of their structures make for fantastic focal points. A gable-fronted extension will make for a perfect dining room or garden room where you are likely to entertain. Why not give your guests something extra to look at?


Your Orangery Extension – Your Choice!

This exploration of modern orangery designs is just the beginning. Our aim with this guide is to show you a little of what’s available out there. This means that you can still draft your ideal orangery with us to however an extent you desire. However, you can always feel free to choose an orangery style from any of the above, or to mix and match some of the finer points of these looks to your own ends.

Interested in setting up your own unique conservatory or orangery design? It all starts with you! Use our website as guidance, do your research and get some quotes online to compare.

Whether you are looking for  small orangery extension ideas or you have a grand design in mind with a large budget, taking your time and choosing the right company and products is paramount for success.


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