10 Tips on How To Choose the Right Conservatory or Orangery For You

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How to choose the right conservatory or orangery for you can be a stressful time! There’s so much to consider, and making the wrong choice can be an expensive and long-lasting mistake. We recommend getting quotes from several different companies before making a decision – but before you do, here are ten tips to help you in your search.


1. Think about why you want a conservatory or orangery

This kind of addition to your home can be expensive and should be worth your money – do you have a plan in mind?

While some people choose to have modern orangery or conservatory extensions purely to add value to their homes, others need them to add space and create specific rooms. Knowing what you want the room for will help you make stronger subsequent decisions.


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2. Consider how you will use your new conservatory or orangery

Deciding whether you want a conservatory or an orangery will largely depend on what you want that extra space for. For example, if you’re looking for a nice sitting area from which you can admire the garden, then a conservatory may be the best option.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to install an extra bedroom, kitchen, or more private space, then a cosy orangery could be the way to go.

Once you have decided between the two, consider how you will decorate the room. Think of the furniture and the functionality of the room, too!

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3. Think about which type of conservatory or orangery

Once you have chosen how you want to use your conservatory or orangery, it’s time to choose which one specifically – in terms of style and fit. Are you looking for a simple lean-to, or a fancier Georgian model?

Conservatories and orangeries both come in all shapes and sizes, in different materials, finishes, colours, and more.


4. Think about what size conservatory

How many people will be using your conservatory? Will you keep it as your own private space, a family room, or for invited guests?

These are important questions to ask yourself when determining the size of your perfect conservatory. In some cases, the size of your home will dictate the size of your extension – but regardless, it’s worth discussing size concerns with your installer(s) before you move ahead.


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5. Decide which direction you want your conservatory to face

Choosing the right spot for your conservatory is key! Ideally, you do not want it in an area that is too windy – consider positioning it facing the sun for the most warmth during spring and summer.

For the sake of saving energy and preserving heat, we’d face the sun – but the choice is yours.


6. Consider what you want your interior to look like

In keeping with the function of the room, it’s always wise to consider what kind of decor you are planning for your conservatory. How much furniture do you want? Try and plan a full layout with your installer.

Ideally, the décor of the interior of your conservatory or orangery should match the style and theme of its exterior, too – this is both a treat for the eyes, and great for resale value.

Remember, too, that your conservatory may be exposed to the sun for most of the day, and the colours will quickly fade on most fabrics.

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7. Consider valuing your home beforehand

Is always best to have your home valued before making any changes to your home. Get information from multiple estate agents and expert valuers to better understand your home’s pricing and the potential added value that a conservatory or orangery could bring.

In fact, experts may even be able to guide you on whether a conservatory or an orangery will be beneficial – or detrimental – to resale.


8. Consider what is the most efficient way to heat a conservatory

It is why it is so important to take the time to consider the best heating options (gas or electric heating) out there for your conservatory – as with poor design and upkeep, you may find your extension gets pretty draughty over time.

Preparations could involve extending the central heating from your home, putting in radiators, or even installing a fireplace.


9. Choose the right professionals for the job

Your conservatory or orangery should automatically become one of the most important rooms in your home. Both options are significant investments – it pays to get them perfect the first time!

We recommend consulting at least three separate experts in your area to get a feel for pricing and available support. Always look for experienced, qualified professionals – don’t just go by word of mouth.


10. Consider your budget, but don’t go for the cheapest option

Given just how expensive conservatories and orangeries can become, it’s no wonder that many tend to opt for the cheapest option. Don’t be fooled – a cheap conservatory or orangery is never going to serve you well!

It is often best to wait a little longer and save more to invest in the conservatory or orangery extension of your dreams – otherwise, you’ll be left paying more in the long run.


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So, how to choose the right conservatory or orangery for you?

Shopping around for conservatories and orangeries is a big deal. It’s a big investment – so make sure to find experts who offer provable value and credentials, and think carefully about the size and style of your perfect extension.

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We hope you found value in our -How to choose the right conservatory!

We hope you found our article useful and are now one step closer to finding the right conservatory or orangery extension for you.