Ultimate Guide Against Unethical Sales Tactics

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The double glazing salesman or woman is often unfairly portrayed in the media as a result of their commission structure and lack of specialist product knowledge.

In reality, these employees have been trained to be adept at providing persuasive customer service techniques that help close the sale.

Each salesperson is trained in a sales process that was created from various sales tactics to increase pressure on you, placing an order often because you are scared of missing out on their time limited special deal which in most cases isn’t even real.

double glazing salesmen showing his products to a customer and hoping for a sale

On occasions where both parties (if applicable) are present for a discussion about installation or finance options.

However, this does not reflect fairly on those who work hard to provide excellent advice and support during double glazing consultations – something which many customers can vouch for after successful installations from reputable companies.

A quick tip:
If the company asks if you are married and have a partner and that they would like them present at the presentation appointment this is a surefire way to know that they will be looking to sell there and then. Taking away the “condition to a sale” it means you can’t simply say at the end that you want to speak to your partner about it first.

We explain more about a “condition to a sale” in our guide. knowing these you can use them to your advantage and I can explain how this is easily done.

double glazing saleswoman presenting the cost

Double Glazing salesman responsibilities

Salespeople are essential players in today’s double glazing industry, hosting an array of responsibilities.

From finding prospective buyers and collecting payment to tracking paperwork and staying ahead on revenue goals, sales reps have their hands full when it comes to promoting products like retail items or real estate investments – not forgetting services such as cell phone plans or internet connections.

Do double glazing sales representatives earn commission?

Yes most salespeople earn commission on sales, this is why they want to sell it to you at the highest price they can. The higher the sale value the higher the commission, some companies even give their salesperson 50% of anything over the companies list price they can sell it for.

This gives the sales person an incentive to sell items to you at a higher cost than they need to so they make more money.

Finance commissions

Sales people will often try and sell you double glazing or other products like conservatories on finance, this is because the finance company often pays a commission to the double glazing company. The company then set incentives for the sales team to sell more on finance.

These finance deals are often high interest and are NOT as good as the sales people make them out to be with the most unscrupulous double glazing sales people are just lying about the repayment terms.

double glazing products being measured by a double glazing salesmen or women

Good salesman vs bad salesman

A strong salesperson is one who understands the power of effective communication and focuses on meeting customer needs. They know that a genuine interest in their prospects’ issues will result in improved relationships, business opportunities and ultimately more successful transactions.

An unreputable seller can be identified by pushing an agenda rather than developing meaningful connections to best serve customers – simply put, they don’t listen!

4 Personality Traits of a Bad Salesperson

Bad salespeople are not ones who struggle to sell they are the ones who do not care about you, the buyer. Their habits show through in their presentation as long as you are paying attention.

Look out for these signs well before he starts talking about the costs, the most important thing is to not sign anything until you are totally happy and feel comfortable. If you are signing because you are worried you will miss out on a deal then you have most probably been manipulated.

1. They will keep interupting you

A bas saleman or women will not want to listen to you but will instead keep interupting you, they think the more they talk the more likely they are to sell to you.

2. They talk about themselves alot

A good salesman will be interested in you and what your needs are, if they feel the products they are offering do not match what you need then they should be professional enough to walk away.
If its pretty obvious that this is not the case then terminate the meeting and respectfully ask him to leave.

4. They are rude to you

Some people are just rude and there is no excuse for this, if you do not like them and feel they are being rude then do not carry on. Just think if they are rude now how likely is it they will be helpful should an issue arise after installation?

Making sound financial decisions. senior couple working on their finances at home.

Salesman techniques (closing the sale)

Price conditioning

Unscrupulous salespeople often employ the manipulative and underhanded tactic of ‘price conditioning’ to set a target cost baseline in people’s minds before they even present their price or quotation.

To do so, they may attempt to extract estimated figures from customers by asking questions like ‘what were you expecting?’ or ‘how much would you be willing to pay?’.

This practice is used as an effortless means for them to close deals at rates more favorable than could otherwise have been negotiated without such intervention.

The close

These techniques are called “closes” that’s because they are techniques to close the deal especially when you wanted to think about it and come back to them. Salespeople spend time and money crafting their closing techniques, of course, if you know these techniques then you won’t fall foul of them.

We have a whole list of them, from the “reduce to the ridiculousthe higher authority” to the “the Churchill” “the buyback” “Showhome” “the take way close” and many more.

We will also explain some of the ways that salespeople word things and use psychology against you (called reverse psychology), words are powerful and I guarantee you won’t know these tactics are being used on you unless you learn about them.


How to say no to a double glazing salesman

You were thoroughly impressed by the double glazing salesman or woman and the presentation, but it wasn’t enough for you to commit. Or of course you got our guide and knew what he or she was up to!

It is important to be clear and express that you won’t be continuing any further business with this representative in an amicable manner – something along the lines of “I appreciate your time investment on our behalf however we have chosen not to purchase from you.

It’s much easier when you understand how to add a condition to their selling that they can’t overcome.