Garden workshops

Garden workshops

Garden workshops

Ever dreamt of a dedicated space in your garden to pursue your hobbies or get some work done? Enter the world of garden workshops! These splendid structures don’t just elevate your garden’s aesthetics but offer a purposeful spot for creativity and productivity.

Why Size Matters

The size of your workshop should resonate with its purpose:

  • Workspace Requirements: Are you looking for a cosy nook for painting, or do you need a sprawling area for carpentry?
  • Integration with Garden: A massive workshop might overshadow a modest garden, while a too-small one might get lost in a sprawling space.
  • Flexibility and Growth: Consider not just your current needs, but potential future hobbies or expansions.

Standard Workshop Sizes

  • Compact Workshops (up to 2×1.5 metres): Ideal for limited spaces or specific small-scale hobbies like crafting or writing.
  • Medium Workshops (up to 3×2.5 metres): Great for the average gardener. Suitable for activities like potting plants, DIY projects, or even a bit of sculpting.
  • Spacious Workshops (3.5×3 metres and beyond): Meant for those who have grand ambitions. Whether it’s large scale art projects, woodworking, or even a mini recording studio, these have got you covered.

Design Considerations

  • Roof Designs:
    • Apex Roof: The old faithful. More headroom for those taller projects.
    • Flat Roof: Sleek and modern, for those looking to add a contemporary touch.
    • Pent Roof: Leaning to one side, particularly handy if you’re placing it near a boundary.
  • Door Placement and Types:
    • Front vs. Side: Think about how you’ll move in and out, especially with larger projects.
    • Single vs. Double: Need to lug in large canvases or equipment? Double doors might be your friend.
  • Windows:
    • For many, natural light is a must, especially for activities like painting.
    • Decide between fixed, opening, or even a skylight, but always consider the security aspect.
  • Materials Used:
    • Wood: Offers a warm, organic touch, making it a cosy workspace.
    • Metal: Ideal for those requiring sturdiness and longevity.
    • Plastic: Appreciated for its minimal upkeep and durability against UK weather.

Customisation and Personal Touches

Your workshop, your rules! Infuse your personality into it. Bright, inspiring colours? Go for it! Wall-mounted tools or an inspiration board? Why not!


Choosing the right garden workshop isn’t just about how it looks, but how it feels and functions. Ensure it resonates with your needs and aspirations. Don’t rush, envision your dream space, and then bring it to life.

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