Garden sheds

Garden sheds

Garden sheds and Sizes

Selecting the right garden shed is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s a decision that plays a pivotal role in your garden’s functionality and appearance. From securely housing tools to serving as an innovative workspace, garden sheds provide unmatched versatility.

Why Size Matters

Choosing the ideal size for your garden shed is crucial:

  • Space Consumption: A large shed might dominate a small garden, while a diminutive shed might look out of place in a spacious garden.
  • Storage Needs: It’s essential to consider what you’ll be storing. Do you have a sizeable collection of gardening tools or just a few essentials?
  • Getting It Just Right: A shed that’s too small can quickly become cluttered, whereas one that’s too large might waste valuable garden space.

Standard Shed Sizes

  • Small Sheds (up to 1.8×1.2 metres): These are ideal for smaller gardens with limited storage needs, accommodating basic tools and garden essentials.
  • Medium Sheds (up to 2.4×1.8 metres): A versatile choice for many gardeners, these sheds can comfortably house lawnmowers, garden furniture, and a variety of tools.
  • Large Sheds (3×2.4 metres and beyond): Perfect for expansive gardens or those requiring substantial storage. They can serve as workshops, hobby spaces, or even home gyms.

Design Considerations

  • Roof Designs:
    • Apex Roof: A traditional design offering extra headroom.
    • Flat Roof: Provides a modern aesthetic, especially suitable for tight spaces.
    • Pent Roof: Slanted in one direction, ideal for positioning against a wall.
  • Door Placement and Types:
    • Front vs. Side: Depending on your garden layout, where do you want the entrance?
    • Single vs. Double: Consider larger items you might store and their ease of access.
  • Windows:
    • Having windows can brighten up your shed with natural light, enhancing its aesthetics.
    • However, consider security aspects and decide on the type: fixed, opening, or skylight.
  • Materials Used:
    • Wood: Offers a traditional look and natural insulation.
    • Metal: Praised for its durability and added security.
    • Plastic: Known for its low maintenance and resilience against the elements.

Customisation and Personal Touches

Personalise your shed to reflect your style. Consider painting it, adding internal shelving, or decorating its surroundings with planters and decorative items.


When selecting your garden shed, ensure it meets both your practical needs and design preferences. Take time to research, plan, and then enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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